Mid-Willamette Valley Mapsite Tutorial


The question: “I am in Any Town; how can I find a loop route to ride my bike south from here?”


1.      Click on the View Map button.  This is a map of one the most beautiful and diverse cycling areas anywhere.  In the midst of the great valley weather and great scenery, you will find hundreds of miles of roads with low auto traffic volumes, good pavement and varied terrain to delight and challenge your cycling taste buds.


2.      The navigation tools are located left. The buttons on the header are self-identifying. Simply place your cursor on the icon for a few seconds. The Zoom Bar will give you a closer or wider view of your current perspective. The Pan Arrows will pan you view in the direction of the arrow you push. Pick the Help tab in the menu box to the right of the map for more detailed information and use instruction.  You also note the drop-down boxes with your options for distance and difficulty (think hills).  The check boxes affect the level of detail shown.  


3.      As you play around the site you will find a number of ways to find a cycling route. Here are a couple of choices:


3.1.   The map is interactive. Using the Zoom in tool (magnifying glass), put an area box around your starting location by picking a point for one corner and, while holding down the left mouse button, drag the shaded box over the area of interest. You will now be able to see that some of the roads have brown labels. The labels denote pre-defined routes that pass through the area you have defined.  These routes have been developed over many years by the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club and the Santiam Bicycle Club.


3.2.   If you are familiar with the area and know where you want go, the Select route drop-down box provides a list of available pre-defined routes. 


3.2.1.      Clicking on a route name will bring up a new map with the selected route traced in turquoise.

3.2.2.       To view the road names, check the Road labels box.


3.3.   If unfamiliar with the area, use the Zoom-in tool as in 3.1 above to zoom in on the area near your starting place.


3.3.1.       Pick the blue “i” tool and then pick a road near your starting place that has a route label. All of the defined routes passing nearby will be highlighted and they will be listed in the Route table on the right. a route from the list and a map of that specific route will show highlighted on the left. may change the amount of detail displayed with the check boxes below your list. The mileage length of your selected route is shown below the check boxes in the Route table. Clicking Directions will bring up a turn-by-turn queue sheet. the map and/or its queue sheet are printable on 8 ˝ x 11 paper.  Your printer page orientation must be set to “landscape” to print the map. Enjoy your ride!!