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How Properties are Sold:

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If the real market  value of a foreclosed property is over $15,000 and the property is buildable then it must be put up for auction. If a property does not meet either of these qualifications, it may be sold through private sale (sealed bid). Properties that do not sell at auction also may be sold via private sale (sealed bid). Industrial properties are not required to go through a public auction or to be sold via sealed bid.  

Sale of County-owned real property is governed by Oregon Revised Statute, Chapter 275. Counties in Oregon acquire fee title to tax foreclosed properties and do not sell tax liens or tax lien certificates.

The County may sell tax foreclosed properties through a public auction. There is no set time of year when an auction occurs. Beginning approximately one month prior to the sale date, notice of the sale will be published once per week for four consecutive weeks in the legal ad section of the Albany Democrat-Herald newspaper. The sale notice will also be posted on this website. Notices will be sent out to those who have signed up for the Email List. Click here to learn more about auctions.

Linn County properties are sold "as is."  No warranties or guarantees are made concerning the condition of title, the ability to use a property for any particular purpose, the ability to develop a property pursuant to State and local land use law, location of boundary lines, environmental condition or any other matter concerning a property.  It is the buyer's responsibility to thoroughly investigate a property prior to purchase.

Properties that do not sell at a public auction may be sold at private sale.  For more information on private sales please click here.

Please note:  Property taxes are not assessed for tax foreclosed property owned by Linn County.  After a property is purchased from the county, the taxes will be recalculated. For questions regarding property taxes, please contact the Linn County Assessment & Tax Department at 541-967-3808.

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