Linn County Property Management
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Recommended Resources:

Maps & Info

Assessor Website:

For property details, values, and lot diagrams

1. Click on Public Account Detail Search
2. Type in Account Number, and click Search
3. Click Summary Report for info on the property
4. Click Doc/Images for maps (Currently experiencing some trouble with this feature. Try GeoMoose or Ella Maps below)

Hint: Don’t have the account number? You can also search by address under “Situs Address”.
Account numbers for properties up for auction are posted on the auction list.

Linn GeoMoose:

Search for County property by tax lot or address.

Instructions to search by tax lot:

1.  Click on Simple Taxlot Search

2.  Type in the Account Number (goes in the Search For field), and click Go!

3.  The property will outlined in red.  To see the property in an aerial view, select Aerial, Surveyor or Zoning map, select the appropriate button in the upper right-hand side of the page.

4.  Use the Zoom feature to see more or less of the surrounding area

4.  To show more information on the map (taxlots, map index, etc.), select the Catalog button on the upper left hand side of the page.