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About Sealed Bids:

Private Sales (Sealed Bid)

The following steps must be followed to submit a sealed bid for a property:

1. The bid must be submitted on an “Offer Form” obtained from the General Services Office located at 330 SW 3rd Avenue, Albany, OR.

2. The form should already include the ACCOUNT NUMBER.  If not, the ACCOUNT NUMBER may be obtained from the Property Management office.

3. The bid amount must be for AT LEAST the minimum bid listed on the “Available for Sealed Bid” page.

NOTE: Properties that are not required to be auctioned (such as small strips) may not have a  minimum bid amount. In these cases, you may bid any amount.

4.  The bid form must be accompanied by a CASHIER’S CHECK made out to Linn County or MONEY ORDER for at least 10% of the bid amount.  If you are not a successful bidder, the money will be returned to you after the bid is opened.

5.  The bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope.  The outside of the envelope must indicate it is SEALED BID and include the ACCOUNT NUMBER of the property being bid on.

6.  Bids must be sent to the General Services Office, PO Box 100, Albany, OR  97321. See the Available for Sealed Bid page to see if there is a certain date the bid is due by.

7. Once a bid is accepted by the Board of Commissioners, the deposit is non-refundable should the bidder default on the offer to purchase.

8. Payment is due in full ten (10) business days following the date the bid is accepted by the Board of Commissioners.

9. All properties are sold AS IS. No warranties or guarantees are made concerning the condition of title, the ability to use a property for any particular purpose, the ability to develop a property pursuant to State and local land use law, location of boundary lines, environmental condition or any other matter concerning a property.

If there is more than one bid received on a property, it will go to the highest bidder; however, the Linn County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

The successful bidder is also responsible for paying one hundred five ($105) dollars for the first page and five ($5) dollars per page thereafter in recording fees for the property deed.

If you have additional questions you can email us at

Instructions to Bidders:

Properties that do not sell at a public auction may be sold by private sale.  Properties may also be sold by private sale if the real market value is less than $15,000 AND the property is NOT buildable.

Offers for property available for private sale must be submitted on a sealed bid form.  You can obtain a form from our office. Offers are then presented to the Linn County Board of Commissioners for acceptance or rejection. 

List Ref #

Account #

Map & Tax Lot #

Real Market Value

Minimum Sealed Bid

Property Description

Sealed Bid Due Date/Status

8.2019 (1)

239471**, 240222 & 258257

13S01E2900-02200, 13S01E29CC-01100 & 13S01E32BB-00200



The 147 acre portion of property account #239471 north of the railroad tracks. This property is a former lumber mill. It is located at 2210 Tamarack St., Sweet Home, OR. This auction item also includes the adjacent 7.03 acre (#240222) and .56 acre (#258257) tax lots.

No deadline, submit at any time

Properties Available for Sealed Bid Offers:

Updated: 6/26/2020
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