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Acreage: ±154.27                             Address:  2210 Tamarack St., Sweet Home

Map & Tax lot #s:  13S01E2900-02200, 13S01E29CC-01100 & 13S01E32BB-00200

Description:  Prime investment property for redevelopment. The property is a former wood products mill site. It is dividable to accommodate project needs as necessary. Property is inside the city limits of Sweet Home and borders a rail line. See links below for legal descriptions, maps and Assessor’s Summary reports for each tax lot.

Environmental Information:

Partial NFA Area Map                                    

PNFA Lot 1                                                 NFA Opinion Report, Lots 1, 2 & 3

PNFA Lot 2                                                 NFA Opinion Report, Western Lot

Lot 3 Concurrence Letter

Western Lot, Final Memo                             Hazardous Building Material Survey

This property has records on the Oregon DEQ Environmental Cleanup Site Information Database. Click here to go to Oregon DEQ’s Environmental Cleanup Site Information Database homepage. Click here to go to the “Willamette Industries - Sweet Home” page. The document titled “347-Willamette Industries Status Report Apr 2019” provides a good summary and status report.

Cellular Tower Lease:  The property is being sold subject to a cellular tower lease. Unless terminated by the cellular company, the lease extends to 2030. The current monthly lease payment is $1,574.13. Memorandum of Agreement Site Agreement

Water Rights:  Current Instream Lease valid through January 31, 2025.

Additional Documents:

Aerial Map of All Properties                                   Assessor’s Summary Report #240222

Legal Description of All Properties                          Aerial Map #240222

Federal Lien Release Letter                                   Tax Lot Map #240222

Windfall Lien Letter

Assessor’s Summary Report #239471                    Assessor’s Summary Report #258257

Aerial Map #239471                                             Aerial Map #258257

Tax Lot Map #239471                                          Tax Lot Map #258257

GIS Map - SH Mill Site.pdf

For full details on submitting a sealed bid, please see the documents below:

Sealed Bid Memo to Interested Persons                   Bid Deadline:

Sealed Bid Instructions & Process                            5:00 p.m., January 27, 2022

Sealed Bid Form                                                    Deliver To:

Sample Deed                                                        Linn County Property Management

Legal Descriptions                                                  104 SW 4th Ave., Room 123

                                                      Albany, OR  97321

Water Tower.JPG DJI_0083 Two Large Storage Buildings on Western Lot, looking east.JPG

Drone Videos (Click on image to view)

Buildings Near Entrance.JPG Large Storage Sheds.JPG

Photos (click to enlarge)

DJI_0073 View of NE section, Lot 2 and city's property to the North.JPG Office.JPG DJI_0096 Building just inside main gate, looking north.JPG DJI_0091.JPG

Sweet Home Mill Site Site