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Current Road Closures or Warnings

Last updated :
2:45:00 PM

Information provided for the convenience of the traveling public. Locations and conditions may change without notice.

Albany Tangent Drive Bridge Closure 10/6/14 - 10/8/14 250 ft East of Hwy 99E 100 ft West of Blackberry Lane
Halsey Abraham Drive Bridge Closure 9/22/14 - 10/2/14 0.4 miles South of Fayetteville Drive 1.85 miles East of Potter Road
Scio Balm Drive Railroad Crossing Re-Build 9/6-9/7/14 20 ft West of Cold Springs Road 1.1 miles East of Brewster Road
Scio Camp Morrison Drive (Hannah Covered Bridge) 30 Minute Bridge Delays 8:30-3:30 8/2/14 - 8/5/14 .03 miles South of Hwy 226 .3 miles West of Lulay Road
Scio Crabtree Drive Railroad Crossing Re-Construction 8/23-8/25/14 0.1 mile West of Hungry Hill Drive 0.6 miles East of Hwy 226
Scio Fish Hatchery Drive (Larwood Covered Bridge) Bridge Closure 5/19/14 - 10/10/14 .21 miles East of Meridian Road .03 miles West of Larwood Drive