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Assessment and Taxation

Forms and Publications

These links download Acrobat PDF files from the Linn County Website or open a page on another website.

PTD refers to the Oregon  Property Tax Division.
BCD refers to Oregon Building Codes Division.


  1. Summary of Assessment & Tax Roll - Report for general use.
  2. Summary of Assessment and Levies - SAL Reports for State.
  3. 2019 Summary of Tax Collections
  4. 2018 Summary of Tax Collections
  5. 2017 Summary of Tax Collections
  6. 2016 Summary of Tax Collections
  7. 2015 Summary of Tax Collections
  8. 2014 Summary of Tax Collections
  9. 2020 Linn County Distribution Percentages
  10. 2019 Linn County Distribution Percentages
  11. 2018 Linn County Distribution Percentages
  12. 2017 Linn County Distribution Percentages
  13. 2016 Linn County Distribution Percentages
  14. 2015 Linn County Distribution Percentages
  15. Mailing Address Change Request
  16. Consolidation Request
  17. Improvement Account Request
  18. State Forms (PTD)
  19. Subdivisions and Plats

Exemptions and Deferrals

Linn County Fee Schedule

  1. Disabled Veteran or Spouse 
  2. Farm Deferral Application - Non EFU
  3. Farm Deferral Disqualification Request - EFU
  4. Farm Deferral Disqualification Request - Farm/Forest
  5. Farm or Forest Potential Tax Calculation
  6. Senior/Disabled Deferral Application and Information
  7. Designated Forestland Application
  8. Small Tract Forestland Application
  9. Property Tax Exemption Forms

         150-310-088 Application for Real and Personal Property Tax Exemption: Property Owned by Specified Institutions and Organizations

         150-310-085 Application for Real and Personal Property Tax Exemption: For Property Leased by an Exempt Body to Another Exempt Body

         150-310-087 Application for Real and Personal Property Tax Exemption: For Lease or Lease-Purchase Property Owned by a Taxable Owner and Leased to an Exempt Public Body, Institution, or Organization

Personal Property


  1. 2021 Personal Property Return (PTD)
  2. 2020 Personal Property Return (PTD)
  3. 2019 Personal Property Return (PTD)
  4. 2018 Personal Property Return (PTD)
  5. 2017 Personal Property Return (PTD)
  6. 2016 Personal Property Return (PTD)
  7. Personal Property Valuation Guidelines (PTD)

Manufactured Structures

For information and changes on manufactured home transactions, click here.


  1. Forms and Instructions (PTD)