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Assessment and Taxation

Summary of Assessments and Levies (SAL)
for Tax Year 2006-2007

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Table 1a 

Assessed Value Detail for Code Areas

Table 1b 

Measure 5 Value Detail for Code Areas

Table 2abc 

Specially Assessed Value by Code Areas

Table 3 

Specially Assessed and Tax Exempt Properties

Table 4a 

Detail of Non_UR Taxing District Levies

Table 4a UR 

Detail of UR Special Levy Taxing District Levies

Table 4b 

Urban Renewal Authority for Existing Plan Areas for each Agency

Table 4c 

Estimation of Urban Renewal Revenue from Excess Value

Table 4d 

Calculation of Urban Renewal Special Levy

Table 4e 

Detail of Urban renewal Plan Area by Taxing District

Table 4f 

Sum of UR Revenue from Spec Levies & Div of Tax 

Table 5 

Summary of Special Assessments, Fees and Charges

Table 6a 

Detail of Code Area Consolidated Billing Rates

Table 6b 

Listing of Tax Code Areas by Taxing District

Table 6c 

Summary of Measure 5 Compression Loss by Code Area

Table 7a 

Real Market Value and Assessed Value by Property Class

Table 8 

Summary of Amounts to be Raised and Net Taxes to be Collected 
RMV RMV by District