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Assessment and Taxation


I need an explanation of the codes on my tax bill?

Loc Op Local option is the legal term (since measure 50) for what we used to call "operating levies". It is a voter approved tax for maintaining some program or service.
UR Spec Levy Urban Renewal Special Levy. Urban renewal districts are created by cities. Money going to the urban renewal district is spent on upgrades to city roads and services within the district.
Albany Revit Spec Levy Albany Revitalization Special Levy, an urban renewal district. see above.
ESD Education Service District. An ESD provides services to your local school district.
RMV Real Market Value is the estimate by the Assessor of the price at which a property is likely to sell.
PCL Property Class categorizes property by use, zone or assessment program. Code List
Tax Code The tax code determines the districts which receive taxes from a property. Those districts are identified on the right side of the tax statement.

If you have other questions about your tax statement you may call or visit our office.