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Assessment and Taxation


How often is data on the Assessors web site updated?

Account Detail -

Names, addresses, etc. are supposed to get updated automatically every weekend. However we have twice had problems that have gone unnoticed for a number of weeks.

The value and tax information is only created once a year. 

Maps -

Maps for the website are created each time we print a map for our map books. Those will be as current as the maps you see in our office. There are a few rural areas where the official maps are still the old hand drawn maps.

Sales -

Sales data is updated about every 2 weeks. The date of the last update is specified.

Delays - 

Often the longest delay is the time it takes us to gather the data and enter it into the computer. For instance we can be two months behind on our sales entry. New parcels may not be created for months because of unpaid taxes or errors in the legal description.

If you have a question about a specific account, call us.