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Improvement type codes may be found in "Account Detail" and "Sale Data".

C Commercial
CA Automotive
CAC Car Wash
CAD Dealership
CAG Service Station
CAM Mini Lube
CAN Service Station with Mini Lube
CAP Parking Lot
CAS Service Shop
CAU Used Car Lot
CAW Wrecking Yard
CAZ Other
CDA Department Store
CG Government
CGM Maintenance Shop
CGO Office
CGS School
CGZ Other
CI Light Industrial
CIH Hanger
CIM MiniStorage
CIS Shops
CIW Warehouse
CIZ Light Industrial Other
CM Multi Family Residential
CMA Apartments
CMC Condominium
CMH Hotel
CML Motel
CMM Multiple Residences
CMN Nursing Home
CMP Mobile Home Park
CMR Retirement Center
CMX Converted Residence
CMZ Multi Family Other
CO Office
COB Branch Bank
COC Central Bank
COD Dental
COM Medical
CON Office Condo
COP Professional
COS Surgical Center
COV Veterinary
COZ Office Other
CPAF Carport Attached Flat
CPBI Carport Built In
CPDF Carport Detached Flat
CPDG Carport Detached Gable
CR Restaurant
CRC Cafe
CRD Dining Family
CRF Fast Food
CRL Dining Lounge
CRR Restaurant
CRT Tavern
CRX Converted Res to Restaurant
CRZ Restaurant Other
CS Store
CSA Department Store
CSB Barber / Beauty Salon
CSC Convenience
CSD Discount
CSL Laundries
CSM Market
CSN Neighborhood Center
CSR Retail
CSS Community Center
CSX Converted Res to Store
CSZ Store Other
CZ Commercial Other
CZB Bowling Alley
CZC Church
CZD Day / Child Care Facility
CZF Fraternal
CZG Golf Course
CZH House
CZL Miscellaneous
CZM Mortuary
CZN Nursery / Greenhouse
CZR Recreational
CZS Skating Rink
CZT Theater
CZZ Other
FAC Farm Accessory
FBH Broiler House
FBS Bunker Silo
FFB Feeder Barn
FFS Free Stall Barn
FGH Commercial Green House
FGP General Purpose Building
FGS Grain Storage
FHC Hay Cover
FHS Hobby Stable
FLB Loft Barn
FLH Laying House
FLT Lean To
FMC Metal Component Building
FMP Milking Parlour
FMS Machine Shed
FMU Multi Use Shed
FOTH Farm Other
FPS Potato Storage
FRA Arena
FSL Silo
FSW Seed Warehouse
FUB Utility Building
FWC Wood Cover
GFIN Garage, Finished
GLCF Garage, Low Cost Finish
GUNF Garage, Unfinished
I Major Industrial
IFF Food & Kindred
IMC Fabricated Metal
IPC Chemicals & Related
IPE Machinery & Electrical
IPM Primary Metal
IPP Pulp & Paper
IPS Stone / Clay / Glass
IPT Electronics & Communications
IPW Lumber & Wood
IPX Miscellaneous
IS Warehouse
ISC Seed Warehouse Equipment
ISW Seed Warehouse
MA MH Accessory
MAD1 MH Addition
MD MH Double Wide
MS MH Single Wide
MT MH Triple Wide
R1 Single Family Residence
R1C Condominium
R1P Planned Unit Development
R1Z Zero Lot Line
R2 Duplex
R3 Triplex
R4 Four-Plex
RA Residential Accessory
RACO Concrete

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