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Assessment and Taxation

Assessor Maps

Assessor maps show the boundaries of  the assessor accounts created for tax purposes.

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A link to the map is included in the detailed roll data display for every account. You can use the roll data  search capabilities to locate this data. Searches are by Name, Address, Map or Account Number


You can browse through the folders where the map files are stored. There is a separate folder for each township in the county.


Links to the Most Recently Updated Maps. Includes maps altered in the prior 6 months in date order.


The maps are stored as TIF files. This format is recognized by many image viewers including "Kodak Imaging" (Windows 98 & 2000), "Fax & Picture Viewer" (Windows XP) and "Office Document Imaging" (MS Office 2003). The maps may be viewable in your internet browser or you might have to download the file first. 

Other programs may try to display TIF files but are not adequate. QuickTime is the most common offender. If our maps open in QuickTime 7.4 you may try the following:

Click on Windows START | PROGRAMS
Find and open QuickTime Folder
Open QuickTime 
From Main Menu select Edit | Preferences

Select "File Type" Tab
Expand "Images"
Uncheck "TIFF"

Select "Browser" Tab
Click on button "MIME Settings"
Expand "Images"
Uncheck "TIFF"

Close QuickTime

Similar steps should be available in other versions of QuickTime.



1.      If you wish to print a map displayed in your web browser, you should use the print button inside the browser window. Do NOT use File | Print or the usual Print button. These attempt to print the page but often cannot print the map!

2.      The Windows Imager Program (Win 95, 98, 2000), which displays TIF files, prints images full size by default. Since our maps are 18 inches by 20 inches only the top left corner prints on letter size paper. To print the full image on standard size paper click on the Options button. Set the "Print Format" to Fit to Page.

wpe4.jpg (8854 bytes)

Because the image is not square you get the largest possible print by printing landscape or rotating the image 90 degrees.

Other Counties

3.      Go to the state's website to view assessment maps for any county in Oregon. The state stores maps in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.