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Assessment and Taxation

Sale Data Format
Field Names and Descriptions

Sale Data File Format - (SALExxxx.DBF)

Field Description
MFNum The Recording Number. 

Beginning in 2006
Document Number: YYYY_XXXXX

Micro-Film Number: XXXX-XXX

Instrument WD-Warrentee Deed, C-Contract, etc.
Seller One grantors name; last name first
Buyer One grantees name; last name first
Mailing address for buyer (may include c/o name)
Sale_Price Price given on recorded document
Sale_Date Date of sale given on recorded document
Down_Pymt Down payment from questionaire
Interest Interest rate from questionaire
Price_Adj An adjustment to Sale_Price. e.g. Contract balance not in Sale_Price.
Appl_Area Appraisal Area - see Appraisal Area
Prop_Cls Property Class - see Property Class
Imp_Type Code identifying the type of the major improvement. see Improvement Type
Bld_Cls Code identifying the class of the major improvement. see Building Class
Sq_Ft Size of improvement in square feet
Yr_Blt Year built for major improvement
Pc_Good Percent Good for condition from last county appraisal. e.g. 100 = new
Bedrms Number of Bedrooms for residential only
Bathrms Number of Bathrooms for residential only. A full bathroom may include a tub or shower.
Acres Size of parcel in acres
Grade Quality as market indicator - see Grade
Rent Rent amount from questionaire
Type_Cls Property catagories - see Type Class
Ratio_Cls H&BU property class - see Property Class
Confirmed Sale confirmation: Y-Yes, N-No.
Source Source of confirmation - see Source
"Agt" = Contract interest holder
Y - Other names omitted, N - No other names.
Address of property
Financing Source or type of financing from questionaire - see Financing
Acct_num Assessor's account number. One only.
Count Total number of real property accounts
Assessor's map and tax lot designation. One only.
List_Rmrk Remark

Supplememtary File Format - (ACCTxxxx.DBF)

MFNum Micro-Film Number - Link to Sale File. There can be multiple records with the same MFNum.
Acct_num Assessor's account number.
Assessor's map and tax lot designation.
List_Rmrk Remark

Appraisal Areas

linn96.gif (7139 bytes)

1 - Most of Albany
2 - Millersburg, Tangent, part of Albany and rural
3 - Lebanon and rural
4 - Sweet Home and rural
5 - Scio, Lyons, Mill City and rural
6 - Brownsville, Halsey, Harrisburg and rural


A Market Sale. Confirmed from two sources.
B Market Sale. Confirmed from one source.
C Unconfirmed. Looks OK.
D Price possibly affected by circumstance.
F NOT a market transaction.

For sales graded  D or F see the "List_Rmrk" for an explanation.


First Character indicates general highest and best use.
1 Residential
2 Commercial
3 Industrial
4 Rural
5 Farm
6 Forest
7 Multifamily
8 Recreational


For vacant property the second and third characters are "00". For improved property the second and third characters are "01".

Example:  201 means improved commercial property.


The source of a sale confirmation. Questionaires are sent to most buyers. Therefore the most common source is the buyers returned questionaire. This is indicated by a letter "B". An "S" indicates a question returned by a seller. "MLS" means sale confirmed through multiple listing. Confirmations by staff are indicated by initials of the staff person.


This is a 4 character field indicating the source or type of financing.
CASH Cash - no financing
CU Credit Union
DVA Oregon Dept of Veteran Affairs
FHA Federal Housing Authority
FMHA Farm Home Administration
MORT Mortgage Company
PRIV Private
S&L Saving & Loan
TRAD Trade for property
VA Federal Veteran Administration

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