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Assessment and Taxation

CSV Sale Data Format
Field Names and Descriptions

Sale Data File Format - (SALExxxx.csv)

Field Description
Recording The Recording Number. 

Beginning in 2006
Document Number: DN YYYY_XXXXX

Micro-Film Number: MF XXXX-XXX

Instrument WD-Warrentee Deed, C-Contract, etc.
Seller One grantors name; last name first
Buyer One grantees name; last name first
Mailing address for buyer (may include c/o name)
SalePrice Sale Price for Real Property and included Mfg Str if any.
SaleDate Date of sale.
Financing Source or type of financing from questionaire - see Financing
DownPymt Down payment from questionaire
Interest Interest rate from questionaire
Price_Adj An adjustment to Sale_Price. e.g. Contract balance not in Sale_Price.
Grade Quality as market indicator - see Grade
Confirmed Sale confirmation: Y-Yes, N-No.
MktArea Market Area (prev. Appl_Area) - see Market Area
PropCls Property Class - see Property Class
RMVCls H&BU property class (prev. Ratio_Cls) - see RMV Class
ImpCls Code for the major improvement. (pre. Bldg_Cls) see Imp Class
ImpDesc Description for major Improvement.
SqFt Size of improvement in square feet
YrBlt Year built for major improvement
PcGood Percent Good
Bedrms Number of Bedrooms for residential only
FullBaths Number of Full Bathrooms (w\ tub or shower)  for residential only. 
HalfBaths Number of Half Bathrooms (w\o tub and shower)  for residential only. 
Units Number of units, spaces, apartments etc.
Acres Size of parcel in acres
Address of property
Account Assessor's account number. One only.
Count Total number of real property accounts in sale.
Assessor's map and tax lot designation. One only.
Remark Remark

Supplememtary File Format - (ACCTxxxx.csv)

Recording The Recording Number.  Link to Sale File. There can be multiple ACCTxxx.csv records with the Recording Number.
RollType Assessor's Roll Type - R=Real Property, M=Manufactured Structure.
Account Assessor's account number.
Assessor's map and tax lot designation.
Remark Remark

Market Areas

linn96.gif (7139 bytes)

1 - Most of Albany
2 - Millersburg, Tangent, part of Albany and rural
3 - Lebanon and rural
4 - Sweet Home and rural
5 - Scio, Lyons, Mill City and rural
6 - Brownsville, Halsey, Harrisburg and rural


A Market Sale. Confirmed from two sources.
B Market Sale. Confirmed from one source.
C Unconfirmed. Looks OK.
D Price possibly affected by circumstance.
F NOT a market transaction.

For sales graded  D or F see the "List_Rmrk" for an explanation.

First Character indicates general highest and best use.
1 Residential
2 Commercial
3 Industrial
4 Rural
5 Farm
6 Forest
7 Multifamily
8 Recreational

For vacant property the second and third characters are "00".

For improved property the second and third characters are "01".

For property with Mfg Str the second and third characters are "09".

Example:  201 means improved commercial property.


This field indicates the source or type of financing. Examples:
CASH Cash - no financing
CU Credit Union
DVA Oregon Dept of Veteran Affairs
FHA Federal Housing Authority
FMHA Farm Home Administration
MORT Mortgage Company
PRIV Private
S&L Saving & Loan
TRAD Trade for property
VA Federal Veteran Administration

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