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Assessment and Taxation

Tax Calendar

July 1 Start of tax year
July 1 Lien date for all taxes.
July 16 Tax collector prepares foreclosure list of all real properties that have been delinquent for three years.
August 16 Approximate date the foreclosure list will be published in newspaper.
September 16 Approximate date for Final Judgment and Decree on properties on foreclosure list. The oldest year of delinquency must be paid to remove property from foreclosure process.
October 25 Last day for tax collector to mail tax statements.
November 15 First trimester payment due. Last day discount allowed for full or 2/3 payment.
December 31 Last day to file appeal to the Board of Property Tax Appeals.
January 1 Annual assessment date. Property is valued as of this date for the upcoming tax year beginning on July 1.
February 15 Second trimester payment due.
April 15 Last day for senior or disabled citizens to apply for deferral of taxes.
May 15 Third trimester payment due.
May 16-25 Delinquent notices sent on all properties with balances owing.