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Assessment and Taxation

Property Tax Payment Instructions

By Mail

Use the return envelope included with your bill or mail your payment to:

Linn County Tax Collector
PO Box 100
Albany OR  97321

Please send only a check or money order. Make your check payable to "Linn County Tax Collector". Do not mail cash. Your cancelled check is proof of payment.

In Person

Tax Payments may also be made at the Tax Collectors Office, room 214, Linn County Courthouse.

On the Internet - Credit Card or E-Check

For instructions click here.


To receive a discount, payments must be received or postmarked or transmitted by private express carrier on or before the due date on your tax statement. Returned checks may lose the discount.

Property tax payments must be credited to the earliest year that taxes are due.

Tax statements for less than $40 must be paid in full.

Payment Schedules (choose one)

To avoid interest charges and receive any applicable discount you must make:

Full Payment -- Receive a three percent (3%) discount on the current year, if paid in full by November 15th.

2/3 Payment -- Receive a two percent (2%) discount on the current year, if the first 2/3 payments are made by November 15th. Pay the final 1/3 balance by May 15th.

1/3 Payment -- No discount allowed. Pay one-third by November 15th. Pay a second 1/3rd payment by February 15th. Pay the final 1/3rd balance by May 15th.

Reminder notices are NOT sent for February or May payments.

Interest is charged on any past due installment for the schedule you choose. Statute determines the interest rate.