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The Linn County Clerk’s Office wants to reassure our voters who have been affected by the recent wildfires that you will be able to vote in the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election.  Ballots are scheduled to be turned over to the Post Office on October 14th for subsequent delivery to voters. You can pick up all your mail (including your ballots) at the post office that serves your permanent residence address.

If you have an address where you will be able to receive mail and you would prefer to have your ballot mailed to that address instead of personally picking it up at the post office, you can add a temporary mailing address at

In addition, you can choose to send us an email with the address of where you would like to have your ballot sent at, or by mailing a signed note or voter registration form to the Linn County Clerk, PO Box 100, Albany, Oregon 97321.  You are also welcome to come to the Clerk’s Office located at the Linn County Courthouse in Albany for assistance.

Voted ballots can be mailed back to our Office in the blue postage paid return envelope that will be included with your ballot packet. Please mail your ballot at least 7 days before Election Day. Otherwise, use an official ballot drop box anywhere in Oregon before 8 PM Election Day.  An updated list of Linn County ballot drop sites will be posted on our website.

In the coming days, the Clerk’s Office will be attempting to reach out individually to those affected voters who we are able to identify and who provided us with email addresses or cell phone numbers when they registered.  This effort is only made possible as a result of the work of the Linn County GIS Department in the identification of affected properties.  They continue to work tirelessly to provide us needed information. 

Linn County Government’s goal is to do our best in making sure you are provided a ballot. 

If you have any questions, please call our Office at 541-967-3831.

steve druckenmiller
Linn County Clerk

If I submit a change of address through USPS, will my ballot be forwarded to the new address?
No. Ballots are unable to be forwarded. It is one of the security features of our system. You must inform election officials of your temporary address using one of the methods above in order to have your ballot sent there.

Do I need to register to vote from my temporary address?
No. You do not need to re-register to vote if you are living somewhere temporarily because you have been displaced by wildfires. You just need to let us know where to mail your ballot by one of the methods above.

Will I be able to vote on the local measures where my permanent address is located, even if I am temporarily living outside that area?
Yes. The ballot you receive will contain the contests for your residential address, not your temporary mailing address.

What if my mailbox was destroyed?
If mail cannot be delivered to your home or mailbox, it will be held at your local post office and you can pick it up there.

Presently, the Linn County Clerk’s Office is preparing for the November 3rd Oregon General Election. The doors to our office are open for assisting you with your voter registration as well as other election related questions. You may come into our office or phone us at 541-967-3831 for assistance. In addition, this Office is also open and fulfilling our mandated responsibility for recording your property documents. If you have any property questions, you may also contact us at 541-967-3829.

Starting June 2020 the issuance of Marriage Licenses will be by appointment only, between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. At least one of the applicants needs to be a Linn County resident.

Please complete the first portion of the marriage license application process by navigating to after completing the online portion you will need to schedule an appointment with the Linn County Clerk’s Office at (541) 967-3831. We will inform you of what the next steps are and look forward to seeing you.


Am I registered to vote?

** Online Voter Registration **

Election Day hours:

Open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

All official ballot drop sites will be open election day from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Select the link below for official ballot drop sites

Find an official dropsite near my address

Linn County Vote-by-Mail Ballot Counting Process

Printable Ballot Pickup Request



November 3, 2020

General Election


County Commissioner, Position 2
Roger Nyquist

County Commissioner, Position 3
Christopher Wade
Scott Bruslind
Sherrie Sprenger
Gary Sullivan

Michelle K Hawkins

22-183 Law Enforcement Levy     Explanatory Statement

22-182 City of Lyons Charter Amendments
22-184 City of Sweet Home Library Levy
22-185 City of Sweet Home Police Levy



Important Dates

Voter Registration:

October 13, 2020 is the deadline for new voter registration. This applies only to individuals that have not been registered to vote in the State of Oregon.

Registered voters that moved without updating their voter registration have until 8:00 PM November 3, 2020 to update, receive a ballot, and vote. This includes individuals that have moved to Linn County from another Oregon County.

Ballots Mailed:

September 18, 2020 - Mail out long term & military ballots
October 5, 2020 - First day to mail out-of-state ballots
October 14, 2020 - First day to deliver local ballots to post office