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The staff of Environmental Health Services conduct programs that prevent the spread of disease through food, water, and other environmental exposures. Our main program services include:

Food, Pool, and Lodging

Our primary responsibilities in the Food, Pool, and Lodging program are to license and inspect facilities used by the general public to ensure that they are safe and sanitary. The kinds of facilities we license and inspect include:

  • Restaurants and catering operations
  • Commissary, vending, warehouse and mobile food units
  • Temporary restaurants and farmer’s markets
  • Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, including both lodging and food service operations
  • RV parks
  • Public swimming pools and spas
  • Organizational camps

Food Handler Training is now conducted online through a partnership with Lane County.

Onsite Wastewater Management (Septic Systems)

We provide site approvals, plan reviews, permits and inspections for new systems and changes in use of existing systems. Uses include residential, commercial, and public facilities. We also provide information and technical assistance to contractors, installers and the general public.

Search for Archived Septic Permits

We have a large collection of archived records available for online search and review. The records available here may not be complete. Our staff are continuously reviewing files and making them available online as time permits. Please contact our office if you require additional information or assistance.

Community Health and Disease Prevention

Our Community Health and Disease Prevention efforts typically benefit all Linn County residents. Most of these services do not receive direct support from user fees. Some examples of these services include:

  • Communicable disease surveillance and outbreak investigations
  • Enforcement of applicable public health laws
  • Services to low and moderate income families for housing rehabilitation
  • Contract inspections for School Food Service Programs and certification inspections for Day Care and Pre-School operations
  • Quarantine and rabies testing for animal bite exposures
  • Response to environmental and health related hazards
  • Information and referral

Safe Drinking Water

We ensure that public water systems in Linn County consistently comply with the requirements of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

If your drinking water comes from your own individual, domestic (private) well, please visit the OSU Well Water Program website for more information. This program is provided by OSU Extension Service.

Solid Waste and Recycling

Our services include:

  • Managing solid waste collection and disposal franchises for rural Linn County
  • Establishing standards for solid waste collection, disposal and recycling services
  • Recommending rates for services





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