Environmental Health

Community Health and Disease Prevention

Our Community Health and Disease Prevention efforts typically benefit all Linn County residents. Most of these services do not receive direct support from user fees. Some examples of these services include:

  • Contract inspections for School Food Service Programs and certification inspections for Day Care and Pre-School operations
  • Communicable disease surveillance and outbreak investigations
  • Enforcement of applicable public health laws
  • Services to low and moderate income families for housing rehabilitation
  • Quarantine and rabies testing for animal bite exposures
  • Response to environmental and health related hazards
  • Information and referral

Day Cares and Pre-Schools

The Department of Employment, Childcare Division regulates the certification of Day Cares and Preschools. Linn County conducts inspections of these facilities at the request of the Department of Employment, Child Care Division.

For more information, contact the Child Care Division, or visit their web site at:

The Department of Education regulates Public Schools Food Service. We conduct inspections of the food service operations at public schools at the request of the Department of Education.

For more information, contact the Department of Education, or visit their web site at:

Housing Rehabilitation Services

Through a partnership with Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services...

For more information, contact Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services, or visit their web site at:

Rabies Testing and Animal Bite Exposures

We follow up on animal bites that may represent an exposure to rabies. Rabies is an extremely dangerous disease that is transmitted when saliva or certain other body tissue is introduced to a victim's open wound or mucous membranes. The disease has public heath significance because it is painful, expensive, and usually fatal, and it poses an infection risk to others.

If a dog or cat is infected with rabies and is advanced enough in the disease to infect a victim, we know that the animal will demonstrate diagnostic symptoms within a few days of the bite. Because of that fact, we try to insure that the animal will be quarantined for a period of ten days following the bite so that its health status can be determined without putting other people or animals at risk.





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