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Linn County
Department of Health
Working together
to promote the health and well-being
of all Linn County residents

Linn County Quality of Life Survey

Please fill out this anonymous survey. This survey is for residence of Linn County only. This survey will be used to determine if people that live in Linn County enjoy a high quality of life and to identify health needs.

Please mark only ONE answer unless told to do otherwise in the instructions.

Do not take this survey again if you have already completed one.

* Indicates item is required

Quality Of Life Questions
  • In the following questions, community means "place where I live".

Rental Information
  • Please answer the following questions ONLY if you rent a home (apartment, house or other) or are looking to rent. If you own your home, live with family or otherwise do not rent, please continue on to the next section.

  • While looking for a place to rent, I was able to find a home that was:

Treatment By Others
  • These next questions ask about how you are treated by other people. Thinking back over the past 12 months, in your day to day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you?

Demographic Information
  • Please enter the following demographic information about yourself.

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