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In accordance with the Linn County Special/Rural Transportation Title VI/Non-Discriminatin Plan, Linn County requires each grant recipient to ensure it shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national origin in the perfomance of federal grant funded projects.


The Linn County Special/Rural Transportation Program, under the policy guidance and administration of the Linn County Board of Commissioners and the Linn County Transportation Advisory Committee, helps plan and coordinate public transportation services and also administers state and federal transit grants to public and non-profit transportation providers in Linn County.

Public transportation services are provided by cities and non-profit agencies; and Linn County does not directly provide public transportation services to residents.

Contact information:

Mark Volmert
Special/Rural Transportation Coordinator

Linn County Board of Commissioners
Linn County Courthouse, Room 201
Albany OR 97321



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