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Business Development

John Pascone


Have you dreamed about starting your own business?

Are you looking to expand an existing business?

Then you need to contact the Center!

The center is more than just a place to get money.  It's a great information source as well.  Use it to get your questions answered.

431 1st Ave W, PO Box 548, Albany, Oregon 97321

Ph: 541-926-1519 Fax: 541-926-7064



The Center Provides the following assistance:

  • Business Planning & Counseling

  • Financial Counseling & Loan packaging

  • Financial Assistance*

* Financial assistance is provided through the Linn County Investment Fund.  The purpose of this fund is to overcome the difficulty that local small businesses have in attracting capital to develop a new crop, product, process or service.  Financing is available for up to 50 percent of a project’s cost, on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis.  This fund is an interest free loan.  A business can receive up to $50,000 based on the creation of one (1) job per $20,000 of funds received.  There is a $50 application fee and a 5% administrative fee on funds received.

The Goals of the Center Are:

  • Create New Family Wage Jobs.
  • Build closer ties between public, private and academic sectors.
  • Promote economic growth and increase the success rate of local businesses through new and enhanced assistance programs.
  • Further Diversify local industries by accelerating development of new crops, products, processes and services.
  • Add value to local products through additional processing.
  • This program presently has over $100,000 in interest free loan funds available to individuals or companies willing to start-up or expand a business around a new crop, product, process or service.  For more information, please contact the center.

    The Center is funded by:

    • North  American Development Bank through a CAIP grant

    Other great resources:

    Cascade West Financial

    Linn-Benton Community College Business Dev. Ctr.

    Linn-Benton MicroBusiness Program