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Russ Williams

Property Manager

Hannah Bullock , Assistant Property Manager

330 3rd Avenue SW, Albany
Hours: 8:30 A.M. - NOON, 1:00 - 5:00 P.M. Monday -Friday

Phone: 541-967-3880
Fax: 541-928-3517

Information on Property Sales:

The property sales are held approximately once a year in the Spring.  The sale is advertised in the Albany Democrat Herald newspaper for four consecutive weeks prior to the sale. We have a mailing list and we send out notice to those on the list as to the time and date of the auction, and a listing of all the properties.  A list of the properties will also be available on this web site.

Registration is done right before the auction. This is a regular oral auction starting with a minimum bid set by the Board of Commissioners. Successful bidders must pay full amount of bid plus $26.00 for recording within 15 minutes of the sale of the last parcel. Full payment must be made. Linn County does not carry contracts. At the sale a "Certificate of Sale and Receipt" are issued. A "Conveyance of Tax Foreclosed Property" is recorded approximately 1 month following auction. Properties that are not sold at the sale are available by sealed bid.

No redemption period remains for the former owner of record. It is not deeded to the county until the redemption period has expired.

You or a representative must be present at the sale. Linn County does not allow absentee bidding.

If you wish to be placed on our mailing list, you must send $4.00 to the Linn County General Services Office, Attention: Russ, PO Box 100, Albany, Oregon 97321. If you wish a copy of the statutes regarding tax sales in our jurisdiction you must send $10 to cover the cost of copies and postage.