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(Effective 10/1/19)

The Clerk of the Court shall not accept for filing any document except upon the payment of the fees set forth below or such other fees as may be allowed or required by law for the filing of such document. Payment of fees must be by cash, money order or cashiers check.  The Clerk shall not accept personal checks for the payment of fees; personal checks are not legal tender.  The Clerk shall accept a fully completed petition for waiver or deferment of filing fee in lieu of a filing fee, but shall not file any document until an order allowing the waiver or deferment of fees is entered by the Court.

Civil Actions:
First Appearance by Plaintiff $90.00
First Appearance by Defendant  $90.00
Jury Trial Fee $125.00
(paid by party demanding jury trial)
Bench Trial Fee (paid by Plaintiff when trial set) $75.00
Motion Fee $30.00
(See ORS 21.200 for a listing of motions requiring this fee Fee must be paid by moving party when motion is filed. )
Small Claims:
Plaintiff's Filing Fee $37.00
Defendant's Answer Fee $37.00
(No Fee to Defendant who confesses or admits claim)
Defendant's Answer with Demand for jury trial  $215.00
(Amount in controversy must exceed $750)
Plaintiff's Additional Fee after Defendant's Answer
with Demand for jury trial 
FED  [Dwelling Unit to which ORS chapter 90 applies or property described in ORS 105.115(1)(d)(purchase), (e)(deed in lieu of foreclosure), or (f)(land sale contract forfeiture or strict foreclosure]:
Plaintiff's Filing Fee $88.00
Defendant's Answer Fee  $88.00
Jury Trial Fee $125.00
(Jury Trial demand must be made at first appearance and paid by party making demand.)
(There is no filing fee for a defendant who makes the first appearance, unless the defendant files an answer and demands a trial).
Trial Fee (Paid by Plantiff at the time the trial is set.) $75.00
FED  [Commercial, Agricultural or other property to which ORS ch. 90 does not apply]:
First Appearance by Plaintiff $90.00 [Standard civil action filing fee.]
First Appearance by Defendant  $88.00[See,ORS 105.130(3)]

Jury Trial Fee
(paid by party demanding jury trial)


Bench Trial Fee (paid by Plantiff) $75.00
{The fees set forth in ORS 105.130(2) and 105.130(6) do not apply to non-residential FED actions.  The Plaintiff’s filing fee for such action is the standard civil action filing fee set forth in ORS 51.130(1)(a); the Defendant’s filing fee is that fee set forth in ORS 105.130(3). 

Filing Fee for Motion to Set Aside Conviction $281.00
( As per ORS 137.335 (2) (d) the fee is that established under ORS21.1350)
Motion Filing Fee for any of the following:  
(to be paid by the party filing the motion and by the party responding to the motion )  
  • Motion for Summary Judgment under ORCP 47
  • Motion for JNOV under ORCP 63
  • Motion for a new trial under ORCP 64
  • Motion for relief from judgment under ORCP 71
  • Motion for pre;omonary injunction under ORCP 79
  • Motion seeking remedies for contempt of court
Filing Fee for Motion to Set Aside Arrest $90.00
(Civil Action filing fee still applies to Motions filed under ORS 137.225 (1) (b)
Writ of Garnishment  $20.00
Writ of Execution $20.00
[To enforce a small claim judgment, the judgment creditor must also pay an ADDITIONAL $9 to transcribe case to Civil docket, ORS 55.130(2), before writ may issue.]
Notice of Restitution (FED) $10.00
Transcript of judgment $9.00
Certified copy of judgment  $9.00
For Each Official Certificate $10.00
(For example, a certified copy of a document such as a satisfaction of judgment. Be sure to also collect the search fee and copy fee as provided in ORS 205.320 for locating and copying the document of record requested. ORS 51.310 (1)(j) )


Prevailing party fees are fees set by statute (ORS 20.190) and are awarded to the prevailing party in certain civil actions as a matter of right. The prevailing party fee is awarded as a part of costs and disbursements.  Prevailing party fees, costs and disbursements, are required to be awarded to the prevailing party as a matter of law. ORS 52.010 (2). A prayer for costs and disbursements in a party's pleading is not necessary to trigger the right to recover costs, disbursements and the prevailing party fee in a justice court civil action. Id

Prevailing party fees apply only in civil actions; such fees are not available in a criminal action, including traffic violations.  Prevailing Party Fees in Justice Court actions are set forth below. (See ORS 20.190).

Type of Action No Trial After Trial
Civil Action --No money or damages at Issue $50 $60
Civil Action --Money or Damages at Issue $117 $135
Small Claim--No money or damages at Issue $50 $60
Small Claim--Money or damages at Issue $117 $135
FED--Restitution of Premises Only Issue $50 $60
FED--Restitution & Money Damages at Issue $117 $135



Fee for appeal to Circuit Court from a violation offense conviction $281

Fee for appeal to Circuit Court from Small Claim judgment
(Judgment amount must also be paid to appeal to Circuit Court)

Fee for appeal to Circuit Court from Civil action judgment $170
Fee for appeal to Circuit Court from FED judgment $170