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As used herein, the term "fines" refers to any court monetary obligation, including fines, fees, costs and assessments. Fines are due and payable in full upon conviction. Under special circumstances and with the Judge's approval, you may pay fines in installments under one of two installment payment options. Installment payment options are set forth below:

  1. Pay your fines within 30 days. You must present a fully completed and signed application to the Court Clerk. No installment fee will be charged.

  2. Pay your fines in monthly installments of $50 or more. You must present a fully completed and signed application to the Court Clerk. You must pay an installment account fee of $15 plus the first installment (not less than $50) on the date of conviction. You must make monthly installments of not less than $50, unless the Judge allows a lesser amount to be paid. Only the Judge can allow a lesser amount.

Payments accepted are cash, money order, check, debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). If using debit or credit card click here to access Point & Pay. There is a Point & Pay convenience fee of 4 % with a minimum fee of $2.00. You may also call Point & Pay at 1-888-891-6064
(select option 1).

If you are unable to pay in full or meet Option 1 or 2 requirements you must appear before the judge; only the judge can allow an alternative payment arrangement.

Failure to pay an installment by the due date of the installment will result in the remaining balance of your fine(s) becoming immediately due and payable and (if the fine arose from a traffic offense) suspension of your driver's license. In addition, an action may be commenced against you for Contempt of Court: Failure to Comply (Non-payment of Fine) and a Warrant for your arrest may be issued. Conviction for Contempt does NOT relieve you of your obligation to pay the fine.

If you are unable to make a payment as scheduled, you may call the court clerk and request an extension. The court clerk has the authority to allow a two week extension on payments that are not already past due. If you are unable to make a payment that is already past due you must call the court clerk to schedule an appearance with the judge.

If you elect option 1 or 2 above, in addition to any other cost or charge that may be imposed, the Court shall impose a statutory collection fee of 25% of the total judgment up to $250. This fee shall be waived if the judgment is paid in full by or before the time set by the Court.


The following fees for court action shall be added to the outstanding balance of fines:

Failure To Appear/Failure To Comply Notice $ 15.00
Suspension of Drivers License $ 15.00
Warrants $ 150.00
NSF Check $ 35.00 plus warrant if not covered within 10 days after notice.


A default on a court ordered payment may be reported to a credit reporting agency. A judgment remains unsatisfied until all fines, fees, costs and assessments and other amounts are paid in full.

Any judgment in default of payment may be assigned to the Oregon Department of Revenue or a private collection agency for collection. If a judgment is assigned for collection, the Court shall take no action to reinstate a suspended driver's license until the assigned judgment is paid in full. Interest on unpaid judgments accrues at the rate of 9% per year, simple interest. Additional fees may be imposed upon any judgment assigned to the Department of Revenue or a private collection agency for collections.

Judgments in default may be assigned to Western Collections Bureau, Inc. If your court debt has been assigned to Western Collections Bureau you may contact them directly at:

7412 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy., Suite 205
Portland, OR 97225
(866) 444-9969