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1. How to Request Public Records

Requests for public records must be in writing, signed by the person making the request, and mailed or presented in person to a clerk on duty at a Justice Court office.

We do not accept requests by fax or email, with limited exceptions for requests from certain business or government customers that have established a business relationship with the Justice Court.

We are not the custodian of records held by federal courts, circuit courts, municipal courts, tribal courts or justice courts in other counties.

2. When We Receive Your Request

When we receive your request, we will determine whether the Justice Court is the custodian of the requested record. This may require that we contact other offices of the Justice Court and other offices in Linn County such as the County Clerk's office. We will notify you whether we have all, some, or none of the requested documents. Normally, we will provide this within 5 court days of receipt of the written request.

3. Fees

We will provide you with a written estimate of costs if they will likely be more than $25.00. We will not proceed further with the request until you confirm in writing that you want us to proceed and until you send payment in advance and the payment clears. We will refund any excess over actual costs. If we underestimated our costs, we will inform you as soon as possible so you can determine whether you want us to continue working to respond to your request.

State law requires us to charge;

State law requires us to charge for certifying that a copy of a document is a true copy. If
you request a certified copy, we charge

4. Required Information

To help us find records that respond to your request, your request must identify as specifically as possible the following:

Your request must also include your: