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Emancipation is a legal process by which a qualifying juvenile ages 16-17 may apply for, and if approved by the court, may be recognized as an adult. In Linn County, a juvenile wishing to become emancipated must first meet with a Juvenile Department Representative to review suitability for emancipation. A parent cannot process or request emancipation for their child.

The Linn County Juvenile Department’s emancipation representative is Supervisor Rob Perkins. Once you have read the accompanying documentation emancipation information, checklist, and budget, and believe you may qualify for emancipation, please complete the form below and click submit. An email will be sent to the representative named above and you will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview to review suitability for emancipation.

Emancipation Information

Emancipation Checklist

Emancipation Budget

Emancipation Interview Request