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( L.S.C.I. )

Welcome to the

Life Space Crisis Intervention


Training Support Center

for Linn County, Oregon.  

LSCI Resources:

LSCI: Useful Phrases


LSCI: Conflict Cycle

LSCI: Conflict Cycle ( En español )

LSCI: Sequence of the Conflict Cycle

Conflict Cycle ( Blank )

Conflict Cycle Paradigm - N.Long, Ph.D.

LSCI: “Kids in Stress”

LSCI: Cognitive Map of the 6 Stages

LSCI: Introduction to Staff

LSCI: Presentation Talking Points



Linn County LSCI Blog:

Our new blog not only explains the purpose and benefit of using LSCI with youth in crisis, it also  includes resources to help aid you in implementing LSCI techniques in your school or agency and provides information on what participants will learn in an LSCI training.

We have a full LSCI Certification Training coming in November.

For your convenience, it will be broken up into 4 sessions;

November 9 & 10th, and November 16 & 17th, 2015

Please check out our LSCI blog for more details.