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Linn County Juvenile Department

Linn Co. Juvenile Department

104 4th Avenue SW, Suite 200

Albany, OR 97321

Office: 541-967-3853

Fax: 541-967-4268

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Linn Co. Juvenile Department

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Albany, OR 97321

Linn-Benton Juvenile Detention

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Albany, OR 97321

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Probation/Field Unit

Probation Officer

Brandi Blethen

Ext 2056

Probation Officer

Bruce Carter

Ext 2427

Probation Officer

Holly Borba

Ext 2573

Probation Officer

Kyle Kinion

Ext 2632

Probation Officer

Lily Richardson

Ext 2239

Probation Officer

Sanjib Ahmad

Ext 2568

Probation Officer

Emily Bell

Ext 2234

Probation Officer

Tregg Smith

Ext 2657

Community Programs

Probation Officer

Beth Shook

Ext 2597

Probation Officer

Scott Knox

Ext 2564

Probation Officer

Tencha Serna

Ext 2556

Work Crew Program

Info Line

Tier 1 Work Crew

Ext 2646

Info Line

Tier 2 Work Crew

Ext 2645

Probation Officer

Charles Meredith

Ext 2538

Probation Officer

Drew Crockett

Ext 2255

Victim's Assistant


Rebekah Soriano

Ext 2171

Management Staff


Torri Lynn


Probation/Field Unit Supervisor

Lisa Robinson

Ext 2553

Community Programs & Work Crew Supervisor

Rob Perkins

Ext 2734

Detention Manager

Kevin Husk


Office Manager/    Clerical Supervisor

Tracy Vaughan

Ext 2558