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The Linn County Juvenile Department’s Victim Services Program is committed to providing services that are respectful and compassionate to individuals affected by crime. Individuals and families can face implications as a result of being victimized. Victim services can assist in providing individuals and families support and information that will assist with overcoming the effects of juvenile crime.

If you have been a victim of a crime committed by a Juvenile, you may be eligible for the following services;

As a victim of crime in the State of Oregon, your right to justice includes the right to a meaningful role throughout the process, to be treated with respect, to fair and impartial treatment and to reasonable protection. Services are available for victims whose cases are handled through the Linn County Juvenile Department.


You have legal rights as a victim of juvenile crime in the State of Oregon. Many of these rights go into effect automatically, while other rights must be requested before they go into effect.

 (Read the brochure below to read which rights are automatic and which rights must be requested).

Victims’ Rights Guide in English           Victims’ Rights Guide En español

If the police charge a juvenile with a criminal offense, the resulting police report is sent to the Linn County Juvenile Department. After receipt, the District Attorney reviews the report and determines if there is legal reasoning for the youth to be charged with a crime. If the District Attorney provides petition language or a legal opinion, the case may then be assigned to a Juvenile Probation Officer who is then responsible for meeting with the alleged offender and their family, reviewing the police report, and determining how to proceed. If the alleged offender is in detention, a brief custody hearing will most often take place the following business day.

The Linn County Juvenile Department sends information by mail to the victim listed on the police report shortly after the case is received. This correspondence allows victim(s) to document costs related to property damage or physical injury and if you would like restitution to be part of the sentencing in your case. It also allows you to write a statement regarding how you have been affected by the alleged offender, and it will give you additional general information about the process as well as information regarding your rights as a crime victim under Oregon Law.

To assist the Victim Coordinator in finding information about your case, it is important that you have the offender’s name, police agency and/or police report number, type of offense, and the date it occurred. You will be given an update on your case (if the report has been received by the department), and hearing notification (once and if a hearing is scheduled). You may also discuss available services and request such services. The juvenile court process is open to the public and the participation of victims is encouraged.

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