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   The Linn County Juvenile Department’s Work Crew Program consists of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Programs. Youth are referred to these programs by their Probation Officer, based on their level of involvement with the juvenile department and the information provided in the risk assessment.

   Prior to being scheduled for work crew, youth are required to attend an orientation session with their parents or legal guardian. A member of the Work Crew Program conducts these orientations weekly. During the orientation process, youth and their parents are informed of the program’s rules and procedures. At the conclusion of the orientation the youth are typically scheduled for a specific day to start their work crew obligation. Each subsequent work assignment is relayed to the youth via an automated voice messaging system. It is the youth’s responsibility to call and check in on this automated voice messaging system every Monday in order to receive their pick up time and location for the next work crew day.

   Youth are graded daily based on the program’s performance-based incentive scoring system. The program uses a four point scale in the following evaluation areas:

1) Attitude;

2) Staff Relations;

3) Peer Relations;

4) Work Performance;

5) Safety;

6) Following Rules and Directions;

7) Checking in;

8) Punctuality

   This scoring system gives youth an opportunity to earn extra credit for positive behavior. However, if a youth does not meet the program expectations, they may not receive full credit or any credit for the workday.

   Youth are picked up at central locations in various communities within Linn County and then transported to that day’s project site.


   The Juvenile Department developed the Tier 1 Work Crew Program in April of 2000 to serve non-adjudicated youth. This program serves low risk youth who are on a Peer Court Agreement, Formal Accountability Agreement, or Continued Petition. These youth perform work in a supervised crew setting. The crew size is typically 7 youth, however, this number can change depending on the individual needs of the project. This program allows lower risk youth a level of work crew designed specifically to meet their needs and separate from higher risk youth.  If the youth does not attend their scheduled orientation or workday, additional consequences can be imposed or the youth’s FAA may be revoked.  


   The Linn County Juvenile Department took over the work crew program for adjudicated youth on January 1, 1998. This program serves medium and high risk youth. These youth perform work in a supervised crew setting that is staffed by a Work Program Officer. The crew sizes range from 5 to 15 youth depending on the individual needs of the project. The work is done under close supervision. If the youth does not attend their scheduled orientation or workday, a probation violation can be filed and additional consequences may be imposed.