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Policy statement

It is the policy of the Linn County Surveyor's office to review all replats and surveys received pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapters 209; and 92, specifically 92.010 (9b), (12), (13); 92.040; 92.100; 92.180; 92.190 (2), (3) and (4). Replatting is required when the change or reconfiguration in the common property boundary of a partition or subdivision plat (this could be a common interior line or a plat exterior line).

If the adjustment application is in a city or county, planning will sometimes approve the land use action as a PLA (property line adjustment), but the Surveyor's Office requires a replat (partition). The replat occurs when the line being changed or reconfigured was originally created by a partition or subdivision plat.


Effective 7/1/18:

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NOTE: The Surveyor's office does not come out and survey your property.  If you need a surveyor, you can find a listing in the
Yellow Pages of your telephone Directory.