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The Linn County Code as it appears on this Web site is for the convenience of the reader. If there is a conflict between the text as it appears on the web site text and the text of the official ordinance adopted by the Linn County Board of Commissioners or the citizens of Linn County, the legally accurate text is found on file in the office of the Linn County Clerk.

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Chapter 810 Specialty Code
Chapter 820 Dangerous Buildings Code
Chapter 850 Fill and Excavation Code
Chapter 870 Floodplain Management Code


Subtitle 1 - Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 900 Comp Plan; General Provisions
Chapter 901 Citizens Involvement Element Code
Chapter 902 Plan Monitoring and Amendment Code
Chapter 903 Natural Resources Element Code
Chapter 904 Community Facilities and Development Element Code
Chapter 905 Land Use Element Code
Chapter 906 Historic Resource Commission code
Chapter 907 Transportation Plan Code

Subtitle 2 - Land Development Code

Division 1 - Administrative Provisions

Chapter 920 General Provisions
Chapter 921 Administration of the Land Development Code

Division 2 - Changes to Property Lines

Chapter 922 Mortgage-lot Code
Chapter 923 New Lot and Parcel Design Standards Code
Chapter 924 Partitioning Code
Chapter  925 Property Line Adjustment Code
Chapter 926 Subdividing Code

Division 3 - Zoning Districts

Chapter 927 Zoning District Establishment Code
Chapter 928 Rural Resource Zone Code
Chapter 929 Rural Development Zone Code
Chapter 930 Urban Growth Area Zone Code
Chapter 931 Overlay Code

Division 4 - Specific Conditional Use

Chapter 932 Specific Conditional Uses Code

Division 5 - Condition, Requirements, Development Standards & Decisions Criteria

Chapter 933 Condition, Requirements, & Decision Criteria Code
Chapter 934 Development Standards Code
Table 2 - Parking Table and Diagram
Chapter 935 Access Improvement Standards Code

Division 6 - Miscellaneous Development Code Provisions

Chapter 936 Non-conforming and Pre-existing Uses Code
Chapter 937 Temporary Permits and Uses Code
Chapter 938 Variance Procedure Code
Chapter 939 Mining Permit and Uses Code
Chapter 940 Marijuana Code