Important Violation Appearance Information


The Linn County Justice Court is a contemporary link to Linn County and Oregon history bringing a pioneer tradition and heritage from the 1820’s into the 21st Century while providing “Equal Justice Under the Law” in an expeditious manner.

The Justice Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the Linn County Circuit Court of misdemeanor crimes and other offenses that occur within Linn County. “Other offenses” include traffic, boating, wildlife, all state-law offenses punishable by a fine only, and county ordinance offenses. The Linn County Justice Court also exercises jurisdiction over violations of city ordinances for the cities of Halsey, Lyons, Millersburg, Sodaville, Tangent and Waterloo.

The Justice Court civil jurisdiction includes landlord/tenant (FED) actions and small claims and civil actions for the recovery of money or personal property where the value claimed does not exceed $10,000.

Hon. Jessica Meyer
Justice of the Peace


Primary Office: Lebanon